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Best Horse Racing Betting Guide Australia 2020

how to bet on horse racing online

Best Horse racing betting is one of the most popular forms of sports betting around the world. The gambling form has a strong history and has been around for centuries. The wonderful thing about horse racing is that payouts determined by how many bettors place wagers on a particular Thoroughbred racing event. This gives Aussies the chance to win a massive stake with each event. With horse racing being as popular as it is in Australia, it would only be natural that some punters seek to find the best horse racing betting sites to make their lives easier.

We have created the ultimate horse racing betting guide for Aussie punters who would like to get involved with the pastime. Here we provide bettors with the top horse racing bets, odds, tips and strategies to use when wagering online at Australian sports betting sites.

Top Online Horse Racing Betting Sites Australia

If you’re looking for sportsbooks with the best NBL odds, look no further. We guarantee that these sites will provide Australian with great odds and betting options:

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Horse Racing Betting Guide Contents

Types of Horse Racing Bets

When horse racing betting online punters have different types of horse racing bets. While there are many of standard bets you can make that are available in pretty much any sport, there are also a list of bets (known as exotic bets) that are exclusive to a horse race. We’ve listed the different types of horse racing bets available down below:

Standard Horse Racing Bets

  • Fixed Odds/Moneyline – online betting on a singular horse to win a race. The most common type of bet.
  • Starting Price – bets made at the average odds of on-course bookmakers at the start of each race. The price is only revealed after the race.
  • Top Fluc – these bets are available up until about 30 minutes before each race. Basically, odds fluctuate on the basis of betting patterns.

Exotic Horse Racing Bets

  • Quinella – bettors pick two horses to come first and second. If the two horses finish in first and second position in either order, the bettor wins the wager.
  • Exacta – bettors pick two horses to end first and second place. If the two horses finish in the correctly predicted positions, the bettor wins the wager.
  • Trifecta – exactly the same as an Exacta bet, except with three horses instead of two.
  • Boxed Bet – bettors make multiple exacta or trifecta bets on different sets of horses to increase their odds of winning. Beware, this is quite expensive to do.
  • Quadrella – these are the hardest bets to win but may prove to be quite lucrative even when wagering with small amounts. Bettors select four horses to win four different races at a particular meet.
  • First Four – bettors attempt to predict which horses will land in the first four positions of a race.

You should now be familiar with common betting horse racing terms.

Best Horse Racing Betting Odds

The best horse racing odds is the one way to make a profit from horse racing today. Making bets based on the best horse racing odds is the right way to place wagers. As a general with all sports betting, before placing any wager, you need to shop around for the best horse racing odds out there. There are a ton of different sports books that offer varying odds on the same race. You are only doing yourself out of some potential winnings by not taking the time to have a look at which site has the best odds for the event. We can assure bettors that all sites included on offer some of the top odds for an event.

The next thing we urge Aussie punters to focus on is doing their research on events so that they can find a site that has undervalued a particular competitor. By betting on a competitor that has been strangely been given terrible odds, punters increase their chances of winning big sums of money. Remember that there are different types of horse racing events too (for example, harness racing, endurance racing, maiden racing, etc.) which could affect a competitor’s performance.

Popular horse racing events have a huge presence in Australia. The nation is known for their strong love of horse racing. There are many famous horse racing betting events that take place. If you’re keen to bet on live horse racing events, be sure to mark the following events on your calendar:

  • Victoria – this state’s racing calendar is filled with wonderful events that provide ample opportunity to place lucrative bets. No event is as prestigious on the Melbourne horse racing calendar as the Melbourne Cup though. Every year bettors from around the country flock to the city to watch the nation’s best go at it at Flemington Racecourse.
  • NSW Horse Racing – there are many events that take place every day in New South Wales. The Sydney horse racing calendar is filled with big money races to bet on. We recommend making sure you attend the TAB Everest at the Royal Randwick Racecourse to ensure that you have a life-altering experience.
  • Queensland – not to be left in the dark, racing is alive and well in Queensland. There are a few events on the Brisbane horse racing calendar no Aussie punter can afford to miss at the Doomben Racecourse – the Kingsford-Smith Cup and the Doomben Cup.
  • Western Australia – the legendary Ascot Racecourse is home to many of the most exciting horse races in the West. Some events we suggest you look out for include the Kingston Town Classic and the Railway Stakes.
  • South Australia – the Morphettville Racecourse is the only race track in South Australia. It is a home to a number of daily events that may prove to be lucrative for avid bettors.
  • Tasmania – in the isle state of Australia, the most popular racing event is that of the Launceston Cup that is raced every year at the Launceston Racecourse. With a modest prize pool of AU$250 000, it is no surprise it is popular event in the state.

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Horse Racing Betting Systems

Well, horse racing betting system is what every Australian wants to know. We’ve listed some of our favourite horse racing betting systems down below:

  • Statistical Lay – this system may seem somewhat intimidating to some but it has been proven to be quite useful. Basically, bettors need to find a race with ten or more runners. They then need identify three favourites. The then need to pick out the runners with odds of between 3.0 and 5.8 and bet against the one with the lowest odds. Supposedly, punters should experience wins 80% of the time with this strategy.
  • Betting on Beaten Favourites – as the name already suggests, with this system, bettors focus on a favourite race that was beaten. Most bookies will raise the odds on this horse winning because it has been beaten before. However, this does not mean that they don’t stand a good chance of winning another even. Especially, if the jockey and the horse have a good history. It should be every Aussie bettors aim to fill their horse racing betting slip with underpriced horses that stand a good chance of winning an event. Focusing on a racing horse’s past performance helps make it easier to find these bets.
  • Dutching System – this bet system focuses on trying to bet on multiple different horses but ensuring that you win the same amount of money regardless of the horse you pick. The aim is to ensure that you walk away with a profit regardless of who wins. The most important aspect to focus on with this horse betting strategy is finding two or more horses with good odds that will be able to cover for other losses made.

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